All work and no play?

All work and no play?

All work and no play?

As much as we enjoy sharing pictures of food and dogs on social mediabelieve it or not, the Viva team do actually work hard – really hard.

Collectively, we have mastered the art of multi-tasking, plucking riveting campaigns from thin air (seemingly) and spinning lots of metaphorical plates during the weekday whirlwind that is office life.

Sometimes, when the team is busy squirreling away, the social element can easily end up being put at the bottom of the priority list.

This week, the Viva massive ventured ‘Out Out’ not once, but twice for post-work food and drinks. On Tuesday night, Lisa W, Tony, Alex and I headed to Manchester to visit a new watering hole on St Peters Square: The Anthologist.

We enjoyed bite-sized burgers, drinks, beautiful décor and even made some friends – shout out to Sales and Event Manager, Tara, for the invite!

A few days later, the whole team piled into The Firepit in Rawtenstall to celebrate Hannah’s imminent nuptials/Lisa W’s recent engagement. We ate steak, drank cocktails and generally had a merry old time, not just as colleagues but as friends – without the pressure of a ticking clock.

Some people adhere to the old ‘I’m here to work, not make friends’ mentality and, while it goes without saying that the workplace is indeed a place for, well… working, do not undermine the importance of forming strong social connections too.

Not only does it help to build a company culture that emphasises respect, loyalty and trust, it can also improve general well-being, productivity and morale.

I’m not talking about ‘forced fun’ under the guise of team building merriment but forging sincere friendships. The fact is, bonding with colleagues is absolutely critical given that we spend more time with them during the week than with our respective loved ones!

As much as we enjoy our occasional class trips, it doesn’t always have to be glitz and glamour. This could simply mean sitting outside and having an informal lunch together or using our 20-minute walk to wander into town, grab an ice-cream and have a natter on the way.

Either way, it’s good to talk.

Lisa Valentine | Social Media Executive

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