Cait’s Week with Viva

Cait’s Week with Viva

Cait’s Week with Viva

Fancy diving into the world of PR? Me too, so I did, and here’s what happened…

First of all, a little background information, I’m studying journalism at university and I recently quit my part-time retail job, and decided to spend my time getting lots of work experience. The other day, I got to know from my colleague that some firms have got one of their 11 best work from home jobs hiring now, and I’d almost considered this, had it not been for the inconveniences in my schedule. It seems that everyone I know who has finished university finds it difficult to get a job with little or no work experience. This scared me to say the least – I couldn’t spend another year or longer in retail! So I quit – and I am SO glad I did!

Not only did it mean that I could actually enjoy Christmas this year but more importantly it meant that I could experience all the different worlds of careers I was interested in (mainly journalism and PR but also blogging and freelance writing). I spent some time reporting for various newspapers and have also done some freelance writing on the side but I’m here to talk about my PR work experience, specifically at Viva PR.

My week at Viva started out with their Monday morning meeting. The team went through each of their clients and discussed all the plans they have ongoing, new ideas, and recent successes. Having this meeting meant that I got a quick brief on every client and a good idea of what they do here, the types of people and companies they work with, and the daily activities.

Throughout the week I was given a huge variety of tasks; creating surveys, competitor research, filming promotional videos, editing video content, press releases, interviews, blog posts, even invited out on events.

Viva are a fairly small company but I think that’s what best about getting work experience with them. I’ve done other work experience for big companies and they seem to forget about you, they’re too busy and don’t really bother about you. It’s the absolute opposite here! Everyone made sure I always had something to do, that I understood what I was doing, gave me free reign to experiment with my tasks and gave me great feedback afterwards. I felt like a part of the team and they made sure I was comfortable with everything and everyone.

Really the only negative is that a week is so short but I still gained so much experience in just a week. It gave me real insight into what working in PR is like. At this moment I still don’t know what kind of career I want to end up in but so far PR is a high contender.

If you’re reading this and considering similar career choices, or unsure exactly which path to take or just generally curious then I highly recommend getting work experience and I highly, highly recommend Viva!

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