Can You Spell Curriculum Vitae?

Can You Spell Curriculum Vitae?

Can You Spell Curriculum Vitae?



How often do you spell check your documents before submitting them? Is it intermittent, or do you conclude your work with a review? Do you even spell check at all?

In a world of smartphones and predictive text, it’s easy to rely on technology to autocorrect your spelling. However, when it comes to important documents such as your CV, which will be read by potential future employers, does it become reckless to use this digital crutch?

Grammar and spelling mistakes aren’t always picked up on in Word or Google Docs, and without thorough checking can be overlooked. Sometimes we even think we know better than the computer, and will laugh at that squiggly red line that tells us our name isn’t a proper word.

As an online generation, we like to hastily point out other’s grammars mistakes (see: they’re, their and there), but let he who is without sin cast the first stone.



Perhaps the most common CV mistake, according to the Telegraph, was the misuse of apostrophes. Academic achievements were often written as GCSE’s or A Level’s, and when it came to hitting targets in the work place many people referred to their Key Performance Indicators as their KPI’s.

On reflection – a misplaced apostrophe doesn’t seem like such a glaring mistake, but in those 20,000 CVs that were analysed, well over half contained five or more grammatical or spelling mistakes. A mere 1,134 were flaw-free.

“‘Experience’ became ‘Experiance’ 62 times, with ‘Responsibilities’ and ‘Professional’ following closely behind with 60 and 53 errors respectively. ‘Liaising’ and ‘Strategising’ completed the Top 5 line-up of misspelled words found on CVs uploaded to website’s in-house résumé analysis tool.” – The Telegraph

Along with these common spelling mistakes, Americanisms were rife throughout many CVs, with ‘z’ replacing ‘s’ and the letter ‘u’ mysteriously disappearing out of words like colour, and humour.


According to Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna, a market research company from whom the research came, said:

“A good CV should succinctly show off employment history, education and key skills, but it should also be flaw free. Our advice to jobseekers is to triple check spelling and grammar if you want to proceed to the interview stage.”

So, before we all go rushing to our computers to do an extra check on our CVs, what do you think? Has a reliance on digital spellchecking caused our spelling to suffer?

Here at Viva we have a keen eye for detail – all our CVs are spick and span. If you’re a stickler for spelling and you have a great eye for grammar then send us your (spellchecked) CV. We’re always on the lookout for new talent. You can find out more about any vacancies here.

Nic Parkes | Junior Accounts Executive

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