How to donate blood when you hate needles. And blood.

How to donate blood when you hate needles. And blood.

How to donate blood when you hate needles. And blood.

Last night I gave blood for the first time 💉

It’s something I’d wanted to do for a while but as we discussed New Year’s Resolutions in the Viva office in the run up to the Christmas break, I decided I’d bite the bullet (or strap/hand) and sign up.

Let’s be clear – I hate needles and I hate the sight of blood. I never thought I was queasy around blood until some lads staying in the same rustic* Kavos hotel as us circa 2005 came off a quad bike and… well yeah.

I had to sit on the side of the dusty road after seeing the walking wounded stagger towards us and that was it. Thirteen years (wow, feeling old now) of feeling very woozy around blood and wounds in general.

I’m not the best at having blood pressure taken either – something to do with being able to feel your pulse in your head I think 🤔

So when a friend of mine shared this post on Black Friday last year, I knew it was time to confront my fears/get a grip. I was heart-warmed by the gesture from NHS Give Blood that tells you, by text message, where your donation goes.

This was only emphasised last night – firstly by the lady tasked with the finger prick thing (little bit ow) to check iron levels (haemoglobin) in my blood.

She said I had “a nice juicy vein” and “we’ll be having a bit of that, thank you very much” – bless her! I smiled but did however feel like I was going to gip at this point.

Then it was the chap tasked with distracting me enough to get said needle into my arm for the donation. I was assured the finger prick bit was the hardest bit and to be fair, after roughly nine minutes of lying down while my pint was collected, I’m inclined to agree.

I brought hubs-to-be along for moral support as he’s donated loads of the red stuff (and he’s not a wuss) so he sat next to me and took many unflattering videos of the thing stuck in my arm and my accompanying grimace.

I did feel pretty woozy afterwards when they tipped my chair back up but an orange Club biscuit (amazing) and plenty of water later, I was fine to drive home and beam out of my windscreen with my special sticker on display – not before taking a picture with all the filters on due to looking pale as.

So I guess what I’m saying is, if I can do this, then I’m sure you can too. If you were humbled by the queues of people wanting to donate blood in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena bombing, then it’s time to sign yourself up.

CLICK HERE and do something bloody good.

Even if it turns out you can’t donate for whatever reason, you still get a biscuit and a brew so I’d say it’s a win all round.

*There was no air con and a bird broke into/wouldn’t leave our room. I’ll never forget it.

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