Never underestimate the influence of an influencer!

Never underestimate the influence of an influencer!

Never underestimate the influence of an influencer!

We work with bloggers and influencers a lot here at Viva HQ and there’s a mixed response outside the PR world when they’re talked about.

“So they get paid to review stuff?”

“They should get a real job”

“They have too much time on their hands!”

Whatever your persuasion on this topic, you simply cannot afford to underestimate the influence of an influencer, a lesson which Center Parcs may be falling foul of.

Mum Probs is a Facebook page with more than 218,000 followers, offering a wide range of parenting advice with a comedic twist. The bio says: “If you’re easily offended or have no sense of humour, you won’t last long here… But welcome!”

A picture I saw doing the rounds yesterday on Facebook has since been picked up by a number of fellow influencers and blog sites, amplifying the message even more…

As the summer holidays will soon be upon us, I can’t see the attention on this post reducing any time soon, but it also got me thinking whether Mum Probs could be doing a public service for parents and families everywhere being charged extortionate rates to take their children on holiday during, shock horror, school holidays.

Taking a child out of school to go on holiday has been a hot topic in the media for years now, with Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis getting in on the action too, offering advice on what you’re allowed to do and what you might be fined for.

At the risk of sounding older than my 32 years, ‘in my day’ this was a regular occurrence – it wasn’t unusual for kids to be out of school at different times (usually at the start or end of a term) to avoid the costly hike in prices.

So has Mum Probs just highlighted the need for this to be addressed by poking fun at what is a serious issue for a lot of families out there?

Center Parcs is widely ridiculed for making staycations cost the Earth, so whether they choose to brush this off remains to be seen, but all I’d say is to never disregard the influence of an influencer!

These influencers have audiences of thousands, sometimes millions, and I’d go as far as to say holiday providers have probably collaborated with a number of them to review their products to reach a wider audience than a standard advertising and PR campaign.

Can Center Parcs afford to disregard this one because ‘that’s just the way it is’ in the industry? Or is Mum Probs onto something?

Hannah Monaghan
Digital Media Account Manager

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