Lions Led by Donkeys

Lions Led by Donkeys

Lions Led by Donkeys

Brexit – it seems to be inescapable, lurking around every corner, especially as we draw closer to the exit date in March. However, we have to admit that there have been some great, light-hearted approaches to the referendum result.

There have been ‘self-help books’ for those who voted remain, the Daily Show explained Brexit through a Great British Bake-Off analogy, and of course, who could forget Danny Dyer’s outburst on Good Morning Britain?

However, although Brexit has provided us with some stellar comedy moments here in Britain, many people feel as if Brexiteers and Remainers have backtracked on promises made before the referendum and during negotiations.

150 Billboards outside London, UK

Activist group ‘Led By Donkeys’ have made headlines recently with their guerrilla style campaigning against party leaders from the Conservative Party, UKIP and Labour, and their stance, or lack thereof on Brexit.

‘Led By Donkeys’ first appeared in the media in early 2019, and since have been plastering quotes from MPs and party leaders across the UK. Some are tweets, and some are quotes taken from speeches made by the MPs and turned into ‘tweets’*.


Some of the most controversial ‘tweets’ include those from Jacob Rees-Mogg, who actually seemed to endorse a second referendum when he said: “We could have two referendums. As it happens, it might make more sense to have the second referendum after the renegotiation is complete”.

The group have also plastered a quote by David Davis, former Brexit Secretary, onto another billboard, which reads: “If a democracy changes its mind, it ceases to be a democracy”.

Even Jeremy Corbyn has his own billboard in his constituency of Islington, which was left blank: a criticism of his lack of direction in his approach to Brexit.

In a matter of weeks, the ‘Led by Donkeys’’ Crowdfunding account has nearly £200,000 donated by members of the UK public. Their ‘tweets’ are now plastered across the south of the UK, and even in Brussels where Brexit negotiations are still taking place.

The message is clear: ‘Led by Donkeys’, their 66k followers on twitter and the 6,000 people that donated to their cause, are tired of politicians back-tracking on Brexit, and want something to be done about it. Is this overnight attack on British politics going to cause change, or will it be over just as quickly as it came?

Brexit and PR

So – politics aside – what are your thoughts on this campaign? Although it’s politically driven, ‘Led By Donkeys’’ form of advertising is definitely effective. That being said, would this guerrilla approach, of ‘taking over’ billboards and media overnight, work for anything other than activism?

Nic Parkes | Junior Accounts Executive

*All images used have been sourced from the Led By Donkeys’ Twitter Account.

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