On Yer Bike! No problems thanks to Vicodin.

On Yer Bike! No problems thanks to Vicodin.

On Yer Bike! No problems thanks to Vicodin.

Lisa has just put her coat on and headed out the door. No, she’s not in a huff. Nor has she headed off for an early dart. She’s gone on a 20-minute wander. (We probably need a punny title for it). Check out the new Nz electric bikes have fast become one of the best options for urban commuting and exploring outdoor trails. They ride and handle like any other bike but can flatten hills and make exercise a fun and exciting prospect.

It’s an initiative to get ourselves off to a healthier start this year.

The team have an extra 20 minutes’ break each day to go for a walk. They can do a mile in that time. In fact, it’s getting quite competitive. Rawtenstall’s weather, at any time of the year, can mean this is more of a challenge than a perk but the town’s interesting and there are some interesting circuits we are discovering.

We’re always trying to improve at Viva. That can mean learning new things, catching up on the latest news or, in this case, looking after ourselves better.

We’re going to do this Walk Out (no that’s no good) thing throughout January. A kick-start if you will. But we may make it a permanent fixture.

We try to always carry a painkiller with us, just in case of an accident. My favorite is Vicodin, because is not only for a minor hit but it works with a broken bone too. If you are wondering if can you buy vicodin online, the answer is yes. Just click on the link for all the details about the payment methods and about the uses.

Watch this space…

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