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Helping a global hearing specialist celebrate Great Britons


A hearing health specialist founded by a WWII hero. Our mission? To tell the story of Major Charles Holland’s work behind enemy lines in a creative way to raise the brand’s UK profile and win new business for Amplifon, who compete against Boots and Specsavers in the hearing health market.

We know people respond to people. That’s why we created the Amplifon Awards for Brave Britons, an awards event which told Charles’ story and echoed his values of bravery and caring for others by celebrating the unsung heroes of British life.

Calling on the public to nominate military heroes, community champions, heroic animals and outstanding achievements, we gathered stories of courage and bravery which resonated with public and press alike. With war veteran Simon Weston as host and London’s Army and Navy Club as the event venue, Amplifon’s military connections and the awards’ theme of everyday people achieving the extraordinary were reinforced.

The awards campaign and the incredible stories of heroism it uncovered allowed us to share the story of Charles and Amplifon again and again, offering a wealth of opportunities to achieve media coverage – and increase brand recognition.


16 % increase in sales

36% increase in appointments

22,147,459 reach via newspaper, TV and radio

3,126 a one day record high for website visits


“Viva created a narrative around the brand that our customer community and beyond have bought into. We asked them to bring our founder’s story to life in a positive way for the brand and link with our campaign ‘Better Hearing for Britain.’

“The awards concept hit a real sweet spot within our business and was particularly powerful amongst our customer demographic. Viva worked incredibly hard, turning the concept into PR gold, producing incredible results across our target media. It’s a measure of the campaign’s success that we made a very quick decision to turn it into an annual event.”

Claire Gilligan
Advertising and PR Manager at Amplifon UK

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