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Project Description


Sharing adopters’ experiences, the write way


Caritas Care wanted to dispel adoption myths and encourage more adopters to come forward.

Tasked with increasing website traffic by 150% over 12 months and adoption enquiries by 25% across the same period, we created a campaign that told the truth about adoption from the perspective of families who’d been through the process.

In an age of instant messaging we knew handwritten letters still had real impact, and created the Dear Adopter campaign – candidly written letters looking at different aspects of adopting, from fears about the application process to LGBT adoption and single parent adopters.

We worked with adopters to put their letters together, asking each to reflect honestly on their experiences. The letters were posted on the Caritas Care website and social media, each accompanied by an expert’s perspective.

To support online activity we fielded case studies to the press and handed out our LGBT letter at Manchester Pride with the help of Hollyoaks actor Ross Adams, our campaign ambassador.

Recording audio of each letter being read and creating brief text based videos around them gave our content an extra lease of life and an emotional pull which really resonated with prospective carers.


A 45% year on year increase in adoption enquiries within a month of starting the campaign

435% year on year increase in website traffic from Twitter

27 pieces of coverage, including an interview on BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine Show and a double page spread in Woman and Home

Three industry awards


“Viva really understood what we were trying to achieve and came up with a campaign that got to the heart of what it’s like to be an adopter. The campaign highlighted a real problem and we can already see that it has had an impact.
We hope that this award winning campaign will further highlight the need for more people to consider adoption.”
Lindsey Duckworth
Marketing and Communications Manager of Caritas Care

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