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Project Description


1,240 extra foster carers are needed in the North West in 2018 – more than in any other part of the country. During Foster Care Fortnight, competition amongst agencies to attract new carers is intense.


Our role? To create an innovative, eye-catching and emotive campaign to position foster care charity CANW as an innovative provider of foster care services in the region, resulting in an increase in visits to the organisation’s website and in the number of enquiries received during this key recruitment period.

Born out of Blackburn Orphanage, CANW has a 120-year history of caring for children.

The national theme for Foster Care Fortnight 2018 was ‘Foster Care Transforms Lives’, offering the perfect opportunity to highlight CANW’s heritage and expertise in foster care.

We knew that when it comes to foster care people engage with stories about people, so we put them at the heart of our campaign across all media: from the former orphanage residents who retain a strong link to their former home to the carers and children whose lives have been changed by fostering with CANW.

Working with the charity we identified two former orphanage residents keen to reunite to share their positive experiences of growing up there and to encourage the prospective foster carers of today to consider fostering.


We knew video and audio would have a strong, emotive impact on our audiences on broadcast, online and social media and decided to create simple but effective videos allowing each case study to tell the story of how foster care transformed their life.

Each video featured simple shots of people holding cards which told their story in the style of Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues film, with audio interviews overlaid to give more details and emotion to each story.

We then used this information to create a press story of two former orphanage residents, Trevor and Peter, reuniting at their former home to reminisce about how living there had transformed their lives for the better.

We also created a bank of written case studies which could be used on CANW’s website to offer our audience greater insight into fostering and broken up into impactful quotes to be used on social media channels. All social media posts included a link back to a specially created landing page on CANW’s website where visitors could learn more about each individual’s story and the process of becoming a foster carer.


Competition for media coverage and new foster carers is fierce during Foster Care Fortnight, but we knew the story of Peter and Trevor, our former orphanage residents, would have a strong emotional pull for media, and led with this as a story for print and broadcast media.

The story attracted attention across regional print and broadcast media, also attracting online pick up from BBC North West.

On social media we structured content to tell a story to keep followers engaged across Foster Care Fortnight. Beginning with an archive video of a 1940s sports day at the orphanage, we moved on to tell the story of a former orphanage resident, foster carers and fostered children, teasing each upcoming video with posts using photos and quotes to keep our audience engaged with our social media channels.

The content allowed us to showcase CANW’s expertise, support and heritage as a foster care agency.

Messages were scheduled at key times for engagement in order to maximise their effectiveness.

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