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Project Description


Trying to show a link between hearing health and being able to live a full and productive life. Amplifon wanted to break the stigma around wearing hearing aids.


Amplifon’s studies, backed up by industry research, has found that people regularly waited over 10 years before getting their hearing professionally checked – unlike eye tests and dental check-ups – due to the stigma of wearing a ‘beige banana’ hearing aid. This is often down to the anecdotal evidence from survey participants which states that wearing a hearing aid has an association of ‘being old’ – and this is something Amplifon wanted to tackle.

Amplifon realise that people in their 50s, 60s, 70s and later are enjoying their retirement and using their free time to be more active and more social, living life to the fullest.

To meet the brief, Viva PR suggested an ‘old’ v ‘young’ running event to prove that age is just a number. The Amplifon Old or not Old Games would see over 60s competing against under 30s in a 60m sprint event in the centre of Manchester in Albert Square.


We chose Manchester because while Amplifon is part of a global brand, the HQ for their UK and Ireland operation, which includes a network of 134 clinics, is in Manchester.

The team researched pop up running tracks and managed to secure a deal to hire Manchester City Council’s pop up track. To accommodate the 60m track, and the 20m required as ‘run off’ for the track, Viva negotiated with Manchester City Council and successfully hired Albert Square in the city centre a prime spot with a lot of passing foot traffic at lunch time and people that meet the demographic were aiming for of 18-88.

We booked the venue for Wednesday 6 June 2018 – Global Running Day.

To host the event, Viva drew up a list of the most energetic older runners – and Kriss Akabusi came out on top. We knew that if he fronted the event, his enthusiasm and energy would help to grab the attention of the crowd on the day.

It was important that he was ‘on message’ too. The Olympic medallist turns 60 later this year and was booked after a pre-event planning meeting where he said a line that will be used throughout the duration of the campaign – “It’s about putting life in your years, not just years on your life.”

To enable Kriss to carry out media interviews on the day, we also booked Damian Johnson, a sports presenter who has done a lot of work with the BBC.

Safety was paramount for all our volunteer athletes. We approached running clubs from across the North West – people who were used to exerting themselves and who are role models for the younger generation.

The ‘silver sprinters’ from running clubs across Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Yorkshire took part in the games, alongside some younger runners from Viva and Amplifon, and passers-by on the day.

To capture attention on the day, the area was cordoned off with pedestrian barriers and a large screen TV as hired for the day to broadcast the games so everyone could see.


Due to the demographic of the audience for Amplifon, we had an integrated approach for coverage – a mix of traditional media and digital. With the latter Facebook was our prime target as it’s the most popular channel among Amplifon’s customer base.

The pre and post event releases were distributed to the traditional press titles – including both national and regional newspapers, and to accompany the footage and photographs for the regional television and radio stations.

We also reached out to bloggers and websites like UniLad to achieve broad coverage of the event and the campaign.

Coverage included a live broadcast by BBC Radio Manchester, coverage on That’s Manchester TV, blogger support on the day and Lancashire and Cheshire News.

Live social media posts were also broadcast from the venue on the day carrying the hashtag #OldOrNotOld. This encouraged more people to search for the hashtag both on the day and post event.

The event activity on Facebook reached over 46,000 people with 30+ shares and 350+ likes. A snapchat filter was also created for the event which was promoted on the day.

Runners also wore T-shirts with Old Or Not Old on the front, and the hashtag on the back.

Prior to the launch of the Amplifon Old Or Not Old Games, Viva also shot a short video of older runners running through Manchester to prove that age is just a number. This was screened in between the races, alongside Amplifon’s global video to support the Old Or Not Old campaign.

At the end of each race the runners posed with Kriss and Damian with an oversized photo prop bearing the hashtag #OldOrNotOld. A photo gallery of these images was being uploaded to the Amplifon Facebook page as this entry was being completed.


“Viva worked tirelessly on this project and did an incredible job! The hard work carried out by the whole Viva team ensured the event was a great success. We don’t think the day could have gone better! A massive thank you to Viva.”

Claire Gilligan, Acquisition Marketing Manager for Amplifon

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