Viva’s tribute to Pedants’ Corner

Viva’s tribute to Pedants’ Corner

Viva’s tribute to Pedants’ Corner

It’s often said that punctuation saves lives. Take the classic:

‘I like cooking my family and my pets’ vs ‘I like cooking, my family, and my pets’

But this morning, as I thumbed through the papers – as we do every day at Viva Towers – I was taken aback by pages 22 and 23 of The Guardian.

It’s a double page advert for Argos, all about ‘What’s hot’, including the best Halloween-themed line on there:

‘If you’ve got it, haunt it’ – nice.

I announced this to the office in appreciation of any brand choosing to veer away from spooktacular and the like (which they went on to use on the second line, doh!) but then spotted the massive typo that ruined the whole thing!

Argos advert with typo in Halloween copy

The company’s strapline is ‘you’re good to go’ but this piece of artwork clearly wasn’t. This whole comma saga just goes to show that even huge, expensive advertising campaigns are not immune to being copy checked.

We always make sure our content is seen by at least one more pair of eyes, to avoid said pitfalls. It looks like this one just slipped through the net but serious props to whoever devised the copy itself.

We learn from mistakes and therefore today’s lesson is this – punctuation saves campaigns.

If you enjoyed this version of Pedants’ Corner, take a look at the original monthly treat over on iNews.

Hannah Monaghan
Digital Media Account Manager

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