Small Fish, Big Pond

Small Fish, Big Pond

Small Fish, Big Pond

Coming from a marketing background, I wasn’t sure what quite to expect when I joined the ranks as a Junior Account Executive at Viva PR. However, after my first week of scuffing my shoes trying to keep up with the hectic workload, I can safely say that the world of public relations is anything but dull.

After sheepishly reading the intro packet left on my desk for my first day at Viva, I took a deep breath and wondered what the following week would bring me. A self-confessed introvert, I was worried about how I would fit in to a team that had been established long before I arrived on the scene, but any fears I had were soon squashed when I was met with only smiling faces and welcoming words.

Working in Public Relations

Teamwork might send a shiver down some spines, but it is essential when working in an environment such as PR, and Viva certainly delivers. There may not be a football team’s worth of players at the cosy offices in the heart of Rawtenstall, but the amount support and guidance that is given is something that I haven’t experienced elsewhere. From founder and top dog Tony to our social media executive and resident blogger Lisa, no one is short on offering advice and a helping hand

Although I have only been here for a mere number of days, I have already implemented a social media schedule (so if you’re following us on Twitter, then bear with), spent a morning visiting one of our clients in Blackburn and helped create a stop motion animation with mince pies, not to mention my tea intake has tripled. When you can see where your work is going and how it is helping the businesses, charities and organisations you work with, the outcome is the most rewarding.

Right now, I feel like a small fry in a very big pond, but I’m more than excited to see what the coming weeks, months and hopefully even years bring me with Viva.

Do you want to join the Viva team?

I came from studying history at university, to working in digital marketing and finally found my feet here. Many of my colleagues have a history in journalism, and my predecessor, Alex, was working towards a qualification in marketing.

Whatever path you choose to go down, if you have a creative flair and love a good challenge, then there is no doubt that you’d love working at Viva PR.

The team at Viva are always looking for people to expand our little community, so if you think you’ve got what it takes to be a PR whizz, then drop us a line. You can call us on 01706 214340, email the team, or contact us online.


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