Storytelling in the 21st Century

Storytelling in the 21st Century

Storytelling in the 21st Century

At least three of us in the office have, or still do, listen to a podcast. That’s a lot of us considering at the time of writing, there are only four people currently at Viva Towers (five, if you include Mavis the Cockapoo) – the rest are off jet setting.

They say video killed the radio star, but podcasts are radio’s sassy cousin – and they’re back with a vengeance.

Podcasts in the UK

With easy access via catch-up radio apps, music streaming services and dedicated podcast platforms, it seems as if now more than ever people are listening to podcasts. In fact, the number of podcasts downloaded globally increased to 2.6 billion last year, with numbers expected to rise.

Whilst podcasts obviously aren’t for everyone, having one can be a great asset to a business or company.

Why are podcasts on the rise?

Podcasts are a form of digital storytelling. Whilst audiobooks might not have met the same reception as podcasts, the variety in podcasts has, in part, contributed to their success. Podcasts are therefore a great way to engage in a captive audience.

One report by Forbes, thinks that podcasts are a screen-less alternative to consuming content. With many people now listening to episodes on their commute, it allows the audience to connect with the people they’re listening to whilst being able to multi-task.

Should I start a podcast?

Before you enter the throes of planning a podcast, first you need to look at your target audience. Are they currently consuming similar content? What are your objectives?

Podcasts allow individuals, organisations and businesses to cater towards a niche demographic. Their accessibility and specificity mean that, if a key audience is identified, then a podcast should be successful.

Nic Parkes | Junior Accounts Executive

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