#WorldKindnessDay Paws for Thought

#WorldKindnessDay Paws for Thought

#WorldKindnessDay Paws for Thought

You might remember from two of my previous blogs that I love volunteering and I love dogs.

As each of us at Viva is given 16 hours a year to volunteer for a cause we feel passionate about, when I discovered I could volunteer to walk rescue dogs at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary, I took the lead.

So as we celebrate #WorldKindnessDay, I thought I’d look back at the fabulous time I had with Harvey, Buddy, Bruce and Basil on a sunny day back in September…

Now I’m often that person who watches Paul O’Grady: For The Love of Dogs and starts to silently work out the logistics of taking all the dogs at Battersea home. All while my cockapoo Mavis barks her head off at the telly – that girl landed on her paws and doesn’t even know it!

So I was prepared for a similar experience when I signed up as a volunteer dog walker at Bleakholt in the summer. I had the induction session which explained the different coloured categories given to dogs dependent on their temperament and life experiences which brought them to the sanctuary in the first place.

Beginners were designated the blue lead – just the easy-going types for me. Sounds good.

I reported for duty a few weeks later and my first dog was little Harvey. I was directed around ‘the loop’ close to Bleakholt where all the other volunteer walkers had headed onto.

I decided I’d take the scenic route and gave Harvey a really good walkies – so much so, they were worried we’d got lost when I returned and handed him back.

I just felt so sad that these dogs spent all day in their kennels, so what was an extra 20 minutes to me would be a big old deal for them.

With Harvey back in his pen, I asked to take out Buddy the Beagle puppy. Always loved Beagles, how hard could it be? Turns out I was the one being taken out for a walk! Bags of energy in this little guy and my blue lead was being tested to the max.

Next up was the dog who really stole my heart – Bruce the Saluki. My word. What a gorgeous guy! He was Mr Chilled, not in any rush, happy to just be out gallivanting.

When I stopped to take the obligatory selfie with him, he stretched out on the floor and was prepared to just relax. Total babe.

My final walkies were with Basil the Lurcher. He had gorgeous big eyes and was a little nervous out and about. I grew up around whippets and while lurchers are obviously a bigger breed, they’re just so noble!

So I guess what I’m trying to say to you is, if you love dogs but don’t necessarily have the time in your life to dedicate to one full time, why not pop your name down to walk the Bleakholt babes?

Or if you’re in the market for a four-legged friend, I’d urge you to look at rescue centres like Bleakholt to give these guys and gals a second (sometimes third) chance before you look at breeders for a puppy.

Visit the Bleakholt website or contact the team to find out when the next dog walking induction sessions are and which animals need a forever home.

Thank you!

Hannah Monaghan
Digital Media Account Manager

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