You May As Well Chuck That Award In The Bin

You May As Well Chuck That Award In The Bin

You May As Well Chuck That Award In The Bin

It’s awards season at Viva. The team are furiously scribbling entries for our clients. It’s a bit like an accountant’s firm scrambling to get everything done by the January deadline but without being boring (and the air’s probably thicker with more swear words than at the average bean counter’s premises I’d wager).

Those Tell Us Why You Deserve To Win forms are 110% brain-scratchers but fortunately our skilled storytellers are good helping to present a compelling and distinctive narrative. (Of course, it helps when you work with great businesses like current Biba’s Business of the Year CoolKit and Bespoke Healthcare, winners of the Small Business Award.) All we do with those kinds of firms is say it how it is.

Over the years we’ve penned quite a few successful applications. I’m not a numbers person but I think our percentage hit rate for nomination success is probably in the high 80s. After the shortlist stage it’s all down to luck and judging panels. Hey ho. It’s only a game.

But I have a frustration with awards in general and award winners in particular. For my money, too many fail to plan for success. I think it’s because we’re often guilty of regarding an award win as the end game from a PR and marketing perspective or too humble to believe we’ll actually win, but we work hard and get help from companies as Kansas City SEO Hundreds of Customers LLC, so our marketing efforts could actually generate benefits .

All right. We might go mad and add a logo to our email footer and bang out a release with the obligatory cheesy pic to the press but what next?

What’s needed is a plan of how best to exploit that success and ensure it becomes a reputation builder.

What are the elements that helped you win? Can you turn those award entries into a series of thought leadership pieces – why not, you’ve got the credibility of an award? Maybe you’re an exemplary employer. If the judges think the way you treat people is special than you’ve probably got lots of ammunition for a series of blogs, podcasts, videos that will help turn you into an employer of choice.

In short, by winning an award you’ve told your story to a very selective audience and all for a bit of plastic that’s going to get in the cleaner’s way. Why not unpick your story and tell it to a much wider audience – what are you waiting for.

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